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Insurance valuation

Our experienced valuers are willing to analyze modern jewelry, vintage jewelry, diamonds, and gemstones

To obtain an appropriate level of insurance cover for your jewelry, you will be required by the insurer to have your items valued by a trusted and certified valuer. We are Independent Valuers who have their own businesses. Our job is to value jewelry and watches. We don’t buy jewelry or scrap. We don’t sell any jewelry. All of our focus is on the appraisal of your items.

If you are seeking insurance cover for your jewelry and need clarity regarding its replacement value, as a JVA member we can provide you with a detailed report that confirms the retail value of replacing the item with an equivalent piece, in the event of loss or theft.

Come and leave your items in our safe hands: you can wait or return at a later time. Alternatively, you can arrange a home visit for the valuation. We will make a thorough assessment of your item(s) and present you with a full jewelry appraisal report, tailored to meet your requirements. Get in touch to book your initial consultation. Use one of the contact details provided. We offer the first consultation over Skype.

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