Ethical practice

Guaranteed professionalism, integrity and transparency throughout the valuation process, by a qualified practitioner who cares about the safety and security of your jewellery.

Impeccable service

Bespoke valuations, carried out efficiently and to a high standard by a trusted valuer who takes the time to understand each client’s individual needs.

Market knowledge

Expert advice from a dedicated and fully qualified IRV member with over 15 years of industry experience.


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Come and leave your items in our safe hands: you can wait or return at a later time. Alternatively you can arrange a home visit for the valuation.

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We will make a thorough assessment of your item(s) and present you with a full valuation report, tailored to meet your individual requirements.

Personal, ethical valuations

With over 15 years of industry experience, I provide personal and bespoke jewellery valuation services, with an approach that emphasises ethical practice and quality client experience. 

Whether for insurance, probate or sales purposes, you can depend on my technical expertise. Fully accredited by the Institute of Registered Valuers, I guarantee an impeccable service with comprehensive and up-to-date market knowledge.

Your jewellery is precious to you, and I am committed to providing your items with the care and attention they deserve. My passion for contemporary and antique jewellery is reflected in the accuracy and efficiency of my work and my appreciation for the finer details of design and craftsmanship. Tailoring each valuation around you and your item, I offer flexible appointment options, including home valuation, that accommodate for your needs and circumstances.

I believe that the process of jewellery valuation is so much more than just assigning your item a monetary figure: every piece of jewellery has its own unique story to tell, with its own beautiful nuances and idiosyncrasies.

My job is to help you discover it.


If you are in search of a valuation service for your jewellery which is thorough, ethical and bespoke, then look no further. Whether for insurance, sale or probate valuations, we offer a range of appointment options to suit your individual needs. Contact us now in order to arrange your initial Skype consultation.

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